The online writers workshop writing task will be emailed out on Wednesday afternoon and the students need to submit their completed essay  to me via email by 10pm on Sunday night.

The parents and students will receive feedback, a mark out of 25, helpful tips to work on and the next essay title for the following week the following Wednesday.

If the essay is not submitted by 10pm on Sunday night the feedback will not be given until the following week, therefore the student will need to wait 10 days to get their results.This is to encourage the students to learn the importance of a deadline.

I would like to share the best essay of the week with fellow writers as this is very helpful. Please let me know if you do not wish to share your work.

The writers workshop is 6 weeks long and starts in week 2 of each term.

The writers workshop is to be paid in full in week 1 of each term before the workshop commences.

Please note that this is non refundable workshop and it is designed to encourage the students to take responsibility for their essays and for the submission.

Please register below to participate in the online writers workshop.

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