” . . . After a very difficult period during which our son was removed from school, Sophie stepped in to our lives to assist us in homeschooling until a new school could be found. Not only did Sophie manage to keep our son ahead of his peers from a private school, she also instilled him with the confidence and social skills that he simply wasn’t being taught in a traditional education environment despite the significant fees paid to the school.

If we could pull both our children out of traditional schools and place them in the far superior hands of Sophie .. we would do so in a heartbeat.  Thank you Sophie, for maintaining our sanity in such difficult circumstances, but also for ensuring that our son did not miss out on the education that he so rightly deserves . . .”

Grateful Parents

Sophie rescued my daughter from her dream world and taught her in the kindest most positive way to focus and thereby enjoy her work and achieve her academic potential in a manner that no teacher at school had ever managed. Sophie entered her world and brought out the best in her from the first day that they met. She introduced her to the joy and pride of achievement and always ensured that there was time for some fun. Every cloud has a silver lining and Sophie was that silver lining in the nightmare that is the 11+ when you have a work reluctant 10 year old.

A very happy parent11+ Exam

Where do I start regarding Sophie’s impact on my son’s life? He came to her six years ago as a bright, very dyspraxic boy and developed, with her brilliant tuition, to the point of scholarship exams at an academic boarding school. Sophie’s experience and talent more than enhanced what school offered, as schools seem to be oriented to teaching for the middle of spectrum in abilities and learning styles. She’s become a fast friend over the years. Thank you, Sophie

Mrs. M. Curtis

Sophie Whitehouse has been tutoring my three boys for several years. They are now 10, 11 and 12, and see her weekly. Two of my boys have special needs (my eldest boy is dyspraxic and my youngest one dyslexic).

In spite of these differences, Sophie has managed to be an inspirational tutor to each boy. She has consistently encouraged each child to attain their very best, and at times, against the odds, they have achieved their goals. She has prepared them for 8+, 11+ and pre testing for common entrance.

I feel enormously grateful to Sophie, not just for their academic success but the commitment and dedication she has shown towards the boys in many areas. She has taught them the importance of self discipline and motivation. She has made learning with her an interesting, creative, exploration, and most importantly given them a sense of responsibility towards their own education.

She has been a consistent and brilliant tutor, and I am aware that without her presence I would have had a far harder task on my hands!

Mrs. S. Murphy3 boys 10, 11, 12

Sophie Whitehouse taught my two daughters for the 11+exam and without her knowledge, patience and humour I dont think I would have been able to survive such an emotional time.

She really made my girls believe in themselves and reach their goals of achieving several offers at top London day schools.We were so happy to have Sophie in our lives and my children still email Sophie with all their news.

Sophie is a wonderful teacher and any child who is lucky enough to to be taught by Sophie will benefit for life.Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou from the bottom of our hearts!

Mrs. Andrews11+ Exams